Would you like an automated tester program for codechef?

Hi all,

As a side project i’m working on a program that will let me automatically test the programs i write for a particular problem against the sample test cases given in the problem page.

This removes the need to copy paste sample test cases every time i want to test my code.

This is purely a personal project right now, and i’m building it in a way to suit my needs only. I will be integrating this with vim, the editor i use for basic development.

I would like to know how many of you would be interested in using such a program, if i get a good response, i would develop this program in such a way other people would be able to use it.

I could implement a gui to make it usable by users not used to command line, and add the ability to add our own test cases etc.

Yep, does it have to be only Vim?

Just use input redirection in the terminal (not sure if works in CMD)

Put the input in a file : input.txt

Then run program in terminal with input redirected like this:
./a.out < input.txt

Something like this already exists.
It’s works properly on Codeforces and the guy who developed it mentioned that it parses most of the problem statements from codechef too !
You could try using it(I have only used it for codeforces and it works awesome!) and if it doesn’t work on codechef properly,You could go ahead in developing it yourself .
It is open source too !

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