Worst contest(XCEPTION 2.0)

Most of the solutions are giving WA. I posted a question but i guess the author is sleeping and the best thing is the author ashishrko is himself solving the contest problem(Yes he solved XCP201). I know I shouldn’t be commenting on a contest that is going on but codechef should really look into this matter and should ensure that the external contests organized on this platform should be taken seriously and not like XCEPTION 2.0 where the author has given the problem and is probably sleeping.


and also where is the tutorial… and were the questions added for practice?

well @arshujain every external contest doesn’t have tutorials…

you are right,i have the same problem …,and problem with complexity at about O(n^2 * t) are correct,omg very bad contest

Not only that…when i see the AC solutions now I can hardly see any diff between my solution and the AC solutions. Same with many solutions which got WA. Mpst of them seem to be correct. Don’t know why it turned out to be WA.