World Wide Opportunities [update : Oct 2017]

What are the various events/opportunities that each CSE student must participate? Here are the few which I know :


2. Competitive

#3. Hackathons

#4. Other Tech event organized by Tech Giants

  • Apple - WWDC

#5. Group / Societies

  • Facebook Developer groups
  • Google Developers Group

These are the few categories I have mentioned, So please help to update it.

NOTE: These must be recognized events not specific to your institution or region.


If someone gets a chance , he/she must do google foobar challenge .

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Is it open to all as per my knowledge foobar gets triggered when a user enters certain search terms relating to coding languages like Python and Java?

That’s why I added "If someone gets a chance " . At least people who don’t know should know about it . :slight_smile:

CTF challenges

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IEEE Extreme if you’re a member of IEEE Society.

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Can somebody tell what is CTF actually?

you can include TOPCODER’s TCO and TCC .
here are the links

@aadeshrathore CTF stands for catch that flag. These are interesting challenges which involves not just DSA but every thing related to computers OS, DBMS, Networks, etc. You need to know everything about a system and be hack it. Generally played by Network Security people and hackers. Search LIVEOVERFLOW channel on youtube. Please look more on web

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Hacktoberfest is going on right now if someone wants to contribute to open source .

@ayush_codechef thanks for sharing this

welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks but I mentioned in the note that it must not be specific to regions.

season of KDE

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