With no prior experience in CS engineering will i be able to land up in best IT companies ?

Hello friends,

I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and i am in third year and 19 years old.

At present i am able to solve 3-4 problems in long contest and i have just joined codechef with almost negligible experience about algorithms.

My questions is Will it affect my career if i have not studied Computer Science Engineering ?
I will give my best to study hard for learning and implementing algorithms,
so is there any scope of job in leading IT companies for me?

Also from where should i study and start from for practicing algorithms and efficient coding?

Hi Rishabh,

It may matter in some of the companies if you are not from CS/IT.
But if you have good coding skills,there is a lot of scope for you.
As you are currently in 3rd year, you might already be in pressure of your studies.I would recommend you to keep giving contests on codechef as well as codeforces.Never miss a contest and after the contest try the questions which you couldn’t solve.
If time permits,you could also visit www.geeksforgeeks.org and learn some algorithms and data structures

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Hey asif_mak

Thanks for your reply

Can you please tell me which companies which companies demand CSE as basic requirement?

Also rather than programming which topics should i focus on for preparation?

Thanks in Advance… :slight_smile:

Thank you Asif for your advice, I followed your advice from the day you answered this question and now I am in Amazon… :smiley: