Windows.h for C++

When I code I always use windows.h for system(“pause”), but when I upload my code to this site it always gives me a compile error. What did I do wrong?

in gcc…mostly the header file windows.h is not present…hence the CE!!!

Most probably you are using some old IDE like Dev C++ or such compiler. I would recommend you to switch to some decent IDE and compiler. If you are on Windows, try using CodeBlocks with MinGW (gcc/g++) compiler. It is nice and easy to use. You won’t really need to use system(“pause”) to see your output.
The code compiled by gcc/g++ will run perfectly on Codechef.

dude start and enjoy the pleasure of coding in gcc…you need not pause here…you can see the output at the time of execution itself…mostly for your code just remove the windows.h and remove the pause function…and check whether your code has ran successfully…:slight_smile:
Happy coding…:slight_smile:

1st go in task bar and close that application and again start the that application your compile will be done …