Will the CodeX's rank contribute to our ratings?

Is it only a contest?
(I’m a fresher to codechef)
But will it not do anything to the short contest’s raking and aslo not to long contest rating?

CodeX is actually an external contest and CodeChef is simply serving as the technical platform on which the contest was hosted. With that being said I am pretty sure it’s safe to say that it will have no effect on any CodeChef specific ranking or rating.


I don’t think so. I did not have a short contest rating before CodeX and I solved one and didn’t bother to complete the rest(I did not have time…:P) thinking it would not contribute to the rankings but it seems I now have a short contest rating based on that…confused…

Hi spiritmo_on, CodeX was an external contest hosted on CodeChef. Any such contest do not contribute towards your ratings.