Will APRIL17's SEABIL have system testing?

In the past few Long Challenges, the challenge problem’s score during the contest was shown for only 20% of the total files, with the complete test cases being run after the contest ended. There was no mention of this in this month’s challenge problem, though. So will SEABIL’s solutions be run on a larger set of test cases now that the contest is over?

Additional cases have been run. The score has changed in the recent activity tab on your profile.


Huh, that’s weird. Mine don’t seem to have changed. Are you sure the changes you’re noting happened after the end of the contest? Because scores dropped a little for everyone near the end of the contest (probably because of the highest scorer, ceilks, writing a better solution).

I am not referring to the points out of 100 but the score calculated per submission which is closer to 10^6-10^7.

I see. That’s good to know, thanks!