Wiki comments formatting - is it possible?

Is it possible to use some basic formatting in posts? I’m quite new here and I’d like to discuss editorials, but posting examples without formatting (at least pre tag would be fine) is not good enough to understand such example.

Thanks :wink:

UPD: updated question title

We use ‘markdown’ for formatting of our posts here. You can view the right side bar while writing in text area.

I’m sorry for misleading, but (in this question) I was asking about the posts in wiki - where the tutorials are…

Is your question related to creation of new editorials or editing existing ones?

It’s related to existing editorial. When someone want to discuss something in comments below the editorial, there is no way to format the comment and when there are some input data or some bigger output, it would be fine if there is at least pre tag allowed. Look here or here for such comments.