Why was SUMCUBE changed to a binary problem from a partially graded problem?

I decided to solve SUMCUBE from the September Challenge 2017, and I realized that it had been changed to binary problem although it was originally a partially graded problem. The last submission that was partially graded was on 19/09/17 as can be seen from the submissions tab.

The contest is over so it’s not terribly important, however it is helpful to see partial progress as one tries to solve the subtasks one by one.

It seems fine to me. Please check again!!

It is now. The submissions I made can still be seen as not partially graded, so clearly someone fixed it.

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Even SEACO etc. were not partially graded a while back. I believe there was some server issue.

PS: Even the grading too. AC but 0 points :smiley:

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@vijju123 you’re right, checked just now. That’s odd… problems changing their types on their own? :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a server issue yesterday I remember, which caused you to unable to view other’s solution. I think their servers are undergoing something currently, hence these happenings.


Perhaps the servers are getting intelligent enough to manipulate stuff on their own? Dawn of a robotic era? :stuck_out_tongue:

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