Why to learn a scripting language (for example Python)?

I am trying to learn python because i might need it in my job,I just want to know for what purposes we use python? or any scripting language…i am a newbie…so!!!

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A simple googling will clear your doubts :slight_smile:

Head start over here

I think this will give you a brief why to: http://www.python.org/doc/essays/ppt/acm-ws/sld011.htm

There are several reasons for learning a scripting language (specifically for Python)-

  1. If your job demands it, as is your case.
  2. Without boilerplate code, you can quickly get some routine tasks accomplished in scripting language. Like Python can act as a calculator for you.
  3. Scripting language are essential for server side programming. There is Java too, but some people prefer python.
  4. Because they are easy and fun. <- Learning python for this reason.
  5. One language is not enough to know. You want to learn more new stuff.

Also among scripting languages like Ruby, Javascript etc. I prefer Python. Last word, don’t think just start learning python, you will definitely like it.


thanks man awesome answer!!!..one lst thing …i know there are lot of resources…u pointed me to one also…thanks for dat…if there is any particular good one for newbie’s then please let me know…thanks again…

@kneeraj1762 : I could guess your next question, so I linked one of the best resource already. Just go over the videos, and code, code, code. :smiley: Also http://docs.python.org/tutorial/ is a good place to start. And once you are able to write some codes in python, Google will guide you to dive deeper in Python.

thanks a lot vinayak!!