Why there is no editorial for practice problems in "PEER Section"?

@Codechef … The practice problems available in “PEER section” has no editorial section. These problems belong to some external contest. The problems in other sections have editorials.
@admin you can ask the external contest organizers for editorials of the problems. So that if anyone can’t solve a problem, he/she can check the editorial and learn from it.


I do agree with @sanjeev1779. Editorials will do a lot good for all those coders who couldnt crack the problems during contest. Checking out others solution does not serve the purpose


The problems in the peer section are the collection of problems from various external contests that are held on Codechef.

The problem statement, test data everything that is used for these problems are formed by the organizer(s) of that(those) contest(s). They can always put the editorial after the contest is over, but it is a common trend not to waste time on editorials when they already have not enough time for organizing/maintaining a contest (with ref. to a recent controversial ext. contest).

Now, coming back to the point, Codechef is a non-profit platform, and so the testers and setters who are working here for the official contests are the users themselves and are busy; and writing down editorial for each and every problem in Peer section will never be optimal.

Many times, there are conflicting discussions on the test cases, constraints etc for external contests, and all these affect the standard of such contest(s).

That said, it would be great if, in future, they (organizers) take care of these things and actually care to put editorials or even hints for the problems.

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