Why there is a sudden change in test data of the ongoing contest? :\

such event spoils the spirit of solving.

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Agreed, sudden changes are a disturbance but improper test data will not help you learn anything. That challenge of finding the test case where your code failed and thee feeling after finally solving it is worth it.

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but what about that feeling,when it accepted AC, we thought then also that we got it. Anyways that is now be considered as a new problem. Thanks for the other side thinking. :smiley: (y)

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When problem statement was not changed only test data, then it is not a new problem. If you got AC before and WA or TLE now, it’s simply because your solution was not valid, just passed the previous tests…

Contestants are typically very creative in finding hacks, that pass the tests but are not considered as correct solutions…


Hey all, apologies for the delayed reply. The problem setters sometime misses out on some cases, which upon detecting are being updated and hence the problems are being rejudged. We regret the inconvenience.