Why Pushkar Mishra's profile is suspended?

May I know why Pushkar Mishra’s account is suspended? Is suspension an automated process, or is it done manually? Is it possible for me to suspend my account for a desired time period and then re-activate it later on?

Let me answer your queries:

  1. Suspension happens manually, it is not automated.
  2. No you cannot suspend your account.
  3. Suspension usually happens when one breaks the CodeChef code of conduct.

Why someone is suspended is something that the admins do not usually like to make it public unless it becomes necessary.


do not usually like to make it public unless it becomes necessary

On the contrary, I’d say it’s usually something that is public automatically. I don’t think I’ve seen a suspended account that wasn’t making spam threads or repeatedly being a dick.


I agree with @xellos. Best if we know what the reason is, other participants can avoid doing that then.

Please suspend my account or the best completely remove it from your site as i am going to have a new codechef account so please do it as soon as possible. I have confirmed for deleting my account.

May God help you with your account!

May God save you from the infamous “Spam-Ban-Hammer” of discuss :stuck_out_tongue: @arnavvarshney