Why not delete @samihahkassis?

@admin This is our codechef community and a guy (samihahkassis) is advertising in his answers.

Here are the links of those questions


I have also reported him on one of my question.

Please take appropriate action.
Thank you

Please be patience! Don’t ask this question in public section! you should personally contact him by sending email there! But asking here is not a good idea! They will definitely take a necessary action regarding this!


Can someone please upvote me.
I want to ask a question but don’t have enough karma for it.
I only have one.
Please help.


Here you go :slight_smile:

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Agree completely with @bansal1232

Admin had already told to mail them such account and they’d take swift action. There is no need to create ruckus/mitigate the decorum of discussion forum. Not saying that you did something totally wrong, but such threads just don’t look good. Admin will definitely take an action, I only wanna say that you should have waited a little more perhaps.(Hope I was able to put across my viewpoint amicably :slight_smile: ^_^)