Why no Summer Internship Contests ?

@admin and users : Don’t you guys think that there should be hiring contests or something like that on Codechef, kind of like what they had on Hacker Earth this month. I mean we do have excellent coders here on Codechef.

And for starting things up Directi can offer internships based on contest(or a series of them), I guess it’ll bring in some new young blood that is out there. is’nt it?


@chandan11111 >> Yes, there should be.

But I think companies are not interested in organizing such contests here on Codechef or they are not yet aware of the hardcore coding we have here twice every month. And for Directi taking the initiative, its too late for summers 2013, so I guess that is a good idea next year onward.

IISc Bangalore, this year, had organised such a contest for summer internships 2013 which I somehow missed. The winners were supposed to get a summer internship there

This post is from an internship-less student :frowning: Companies are you listening? Hire me! :smiley:


@chandan11111 : You can write the same to feedback@codechef.com . Maybe by the next year your dream gets fulfilled :slight_smile:


@aichemzee >> Any reason(s) for down-voting? Please share :slight_smile:

just figured out i can downvote, trying it out everywhere :slight_smile:


@bugkiller: he is voting down for all people :frowning:
What wrong did we do?? :frowning:

@aichemzee >> Congratulations! :slight_smile: You are doing such a good work. You must be proud of yourself.

@bugkiller:There should be system to block these kind of people in codechef…:frowning:

@bibinpreethy >> Chillax man! This is a discussion forum, people do have rights to like/dislike others’ opinions. Just do good work, never look for what others are doing. :slight_smile:


Datz true why should we bother him??

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