Why no Partial Grading in Contest Problems ? (Discussion)

I have found a partial grading for the contests in some other on line programming sites.I think it is Hacker Rank.I am not sure. At least a 10%of the total points i.e 0.1 point for the submission if the solution is almost correct. This would not only provide an inspiration for beginners like me, but also an enthusiasm towards programming.


+1 for the idea.

  • Yes, on hacker-earth there is provision of partial points. On hackerrank you can see number of tests passed.
  • On hacker-earth if you pass x out of y tests then you will be rewarded (x/y)*z points, where z is total point allotted to the problem.
  • I agree, contests will become interesting and there will be hardcore battle between coders for surmounting the contest.

How can we let our ideas to the CODECHEF ???
Will they accept our ideas?? :frowning:


Yes, it depends on how long is their feedback list and also on users support here.
You may also write the same to feedback@codechef.com .

Hello @bibinpreethy,

I’m not exactly sure if this matter has been discussed here before or not (I have also been pulled away from codechef due to university and time issues mostly… I might return as soon as my exams are done), but, I can however see some problems with it from the setter’s side as there would be the additional complication of defining the partial points per file.

If I understood correctly, you would like to have partial points for all problems, right? Let me see if I understood this correctly:

A determinate problem (i.e. not a challenge problem) gives, as of now, 1 point upon a correct submission right?

Let’s say that the problem was composed of 10 test case files. You would like that each file gives 0.1 points (for example), so that if your solution passes 6 files you would have 0.6 points instead of 0?

I sort of agree with this or at least think this wouldnt be something necessarily bad. However, we already have here what is called a “Challenge problem” where all solutions are graded in the range [0,1] based upon its approximation to the best solution. So, if the best solution scores 750 points and your solution scores 75 you would receive 0.1 points for your solution.

I understand this is not exactly what you proposed, but, on the other hand, it allows for all ties to be broken and it allows you to get some credit for a non-perfect solution… So maybe things are best left unchanged…

Let’s wait for some more input on this matter :slight_smile:

Thanks for the question and for tagging me there though. :wink:

All the best,



that means i need to get more likes for this question?? is that the support???


The funny part is, “sure.At” combination in the query statement is acting like a hyperlink which has a destination too :smiley:

Maybe(for drawing admin and user attentions)

I was just wondering what that could be eheh :slight_smile: But it is nontheless an interesting question…

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@bibinpreethy, No, it’s not the likes… I mean, usually admins only change something if they see it can be good for Codechef in the long run… A lot of changes to the contests had been proposed but none got accepted due to not being useful for the website in the long run. However, to get your idea to the admin panel you can e-mail feedback@codechef.com like bit_cracker007 suggested :slight_smile:

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@bibipreethy : But, beware the feedback list follows FIFO system :stuck_out_tongue:

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@bit_craker007:First in First OUT???
i did not get you dear


I guess what bit_cracker007 meant is that they attend suggestions in the order they receive them which means that you might have to wait for a while before you get any feedback on your matter :stuck_out_tongue:

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That is ok…:slight_smile: i am just a beginner in programming…Just started doing programming after joining Engineering…:slight_smile:


I think this would not be feasible…I think so because if the problem has solutions which lie in a certain range then random o/ps will also be scoring(as some TCs may pass)…though these codes will have no logic related to the problem they will get a score(maybe of a lower range)…but it is still unfair…!!!

But for beginners who are applying some logic or maybe missing some corner cases this method maybe a good confidence booster as they will know that they are on the right track…:slight_smile:


It’s a nice suggestion but I must agree with @kuruma . It could be a confidence booster for us of course but it can also be bad for our learning process. The current score method seems fine. It allows us to think of corner cases in our own. It could also be bad for the server. During this month long contest the server slowed down because a lot of us were submitting solutions for the challenge problem in a really short amount of time hoping to get a better score. Imagine if all the problems were like that. Each user with partial score would change minor things in is code in hope to get a better score.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against new suggestions, nothing at all. But for this is I think it’s better to leave it as it is or maybe add an extra challenge problem for long contests.


I too like the idea. But you know, Codechef might not implement it. As CodeChef follows ACM-ICPC pattern. In ACM-ICPC, there is no score for partial test-cases that passed.
Also, CodeChef already has built partial grading system. I remember it was used in following external contest -http://www.codechef.com/TCTR2012/

@ritesh_gupta:If you like this idea why dont you support it?? :smiley: :wink:


We have already implemented partially graded problems in our LunchTime contest. We would like to have them in our long contests as well. We have started seeking such problems from our problem setters. It may take us a couple of months to have these problems as a part of our contests.


@admin: why dont you provide a chatting system in codechef?
It is available in many other programming websites-codeforces.com and topcoder etc…
Isn’t that a good idea?

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