why is this showing l value error?help me sort out?

int fact(int);
void main()
int n,fac=1;
printf(“Enter any number”);
printf(“The Factorail of a given number%d”,fac);
int fact(int a)
if(a==1 || a==0)
return 1;


Hello, you made some logic/syntax erros;

  1. you have to return a value in the fact function, instead of doing this fact(a)=a*fact(a-1) you have to do return a * fact(a-1)

  2. you don not have to check if the n is 0 if(n==1) return 1 is sufficient;

  3. The factorial grows fast, so instead of returning int, return a long or long long …

And finally here is the code after some modifications

long fact(int);

int main() {
    int n;
    long fac=1;
    printf("Enter any number");
    scanf("%d",&n); fac=fact(n);
    printf("The Factorail of a given number is : %ld",fac);
    return 0;

long fact(int a) { 
    if(a==1) return 1;
    return a*fact(a-1);
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