Why is Code Chef "Non-Profit" instead of "Commercial"

Why is Code Chef “Non-Profit” instead of “Commercial”
There are two revenue models that I can see in this type of platform.

  1. Hacker Rank / Interview Street type : You can function like an HR firm specializing in IT recruitment

  2. Top Coder type : Crowd sourcing commercial applications .

I think both business models make a lot of sense .
Code Chef is backed by Directi a rich enough company . Why is it not putting money in this initiative to make it commerical instead of being “Non-profit” .
Going commercial is a “win-win” strategy as Directi would make money and its users would :

  1. Get jobs in business model 1

  2. Get bigger prizes / awards / recognition in business model 2
    Expecting an answer from @admin and opinions of @everyone on the same .


yes exactly there should be events on codechef related to internships and jobs so codechef should go for commercial :slight_smile:

go codechef go :smiley:


I think they are now building platform for internship events. I am not sure whether it were codechef or some other site. I saw a post few days back. Don’t remember where.

@akshat91 Not yet confirmed :frowning:

yes sir u r right


Well, I guess that there are some real drawbacks and things to consider if Codechef all of a sudden decides to go “Commercial”.

As it is written on the site of DirectI, Codechef is regarded there as mainly an educational initiative and in fact, that is exactly the aspect where more changes were done.

Forum integration with the main website was provided, a new and more intuitive and appealing interface was addded. The contest format and organization was substantially changed so that setters, testers and editorialists were added, so that every person can focus on doing only a small part very well, so that the sum of the parts results in a more improved and in a higher quality contest format which benefits on a very large extent, the contestants.

After all, even I include myself on both sides (as a setter and as a former competitor) and I can truly say that only with such a dedicated and focused community we are able to keep everyone (from newbies to professionals, like Mugurelionut and ACRush) interested in our problems and on our very detailed editorials.

With that said, it is obvious that the educational part is actually very present on these contests and I believe it should continue like that, because, as the physicist Richard P. Feynman once said: “Knowledge is only valuable if you can pass it to someone else.”

I also believe that if we are to do something more “job career related”, then I’m sure that admins can point to DirectI chefs the people they consider to be the most well suited for a job interview… Because, after all, Algorithms are only a tiny subset of IT field :slight_smile:

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