Why Im getting TLE for problem on BINARY SEARCH

problem:- link text

my solution:-link text

Why im getting TLE error,I think my logic is right. Now how can i optimise my solution.Plz explain me

Your solution seems correct to me, but I don’t think your approach is good enough for given constraint.I think, it’s a BIT-related problem.You have to think according to that.
Here is a good tutorial to get started with BIT.

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Only those who solved the problem can see your solution atm. Try to give the ideone link for others.

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my solution :- http://ideone.com/fKzVRp


This shifting of array elements is bound to give you TLE. It makes complexity roughly O(NQ).

@vijju123 so how to optimise my solution

This problem needs you to use apt data structure. Check ayushagg31 's answer. You need Binary Indexed Tree for this problem.