why i am getting TLE after 1st test cases

september long challenge.
i think my code is right but why i am getting TLE after 1st test cases.
plz suggest me .
following is my code link

and link for question is https://www.codechef.com/SEPT17/problems/SEACO

your approach is not efficient enough to solve this problem without getting TLE, I’m having the same problem :frowning:

Look the problem isn’t that your code is not right, it’s just that its is not efficient. I mean your time complexity is O(n*n) which takes you out of the time limit provided in the question. You need to think of of O(nlogn) solution. If you dont know about segment trees ,google it and learn it.

Feel free to ask if you don’t get what I am talking about!

Well, there’s a simpler O (N+M) approach to solve this question if u are comfortable with difference arrays.

Following Link to my explanation…

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your code’s time complexity is O(N*N) and n is quite large so it’s giving u an TLE. Try solving it through segmented trees/ bit (fenwick trees).

You can follow this link, this video is kind of nice, give it a look