Why dont we have a % of correctness in a question as in hackerrank?

We can find that available in TC and CF?I know that is not a must do stuff.But that would be nice to watch it.Secondly it would be nice to see how many test cases have failed as in hacker rank.I mean it would be nice to see the % of correctness in our code. Thirdly it would be interesting if we can add friends so that we can discuss our ideas.Of course this can be made unaccessible if any contests are going on.And finally again i am repeating why no 2 short contests in a month? please consider this topic…:slight_smile:


Indeed it is interesting to find the tick mark by the side of questions which have been AC and a cross which we have got WA…That is a good adding…:slight_smile:

CC admins have a lot of work…these maybe in the queue…but the things to be done b4 are way more important than these things…this has been said every time by the admins…!!!

2 short contest a month has been debated upon by admins and some of the top performers…and for now it is not feasible…so pls stop insisting on that fact!!!

But i am not the only one who is insisting…many ppl love to have it…:frowning:

maybe…but this will cause some interference with the long contest and also the lunchtime…long contest is good and its period can not be decreased as it is a great learning period…and lunchtime is mainly for the IOI contestants so even that cannot be disturbed…!!!

For this you can add the Codechef Strike extension written by well known Betlista Suska, this feature along with many other have already been added in the Extension, like current contest rankings. There are some more extensions which you can add as such.


just for an information Codechef already hosts 2 short contest, first is Cook-Off which is scheduled on 3rd Sunday and a Lunchtime on 4th Sunday of the month.

Yeah I’ve been using @betlista 's extension for a while now and it works great, it even displays your ranking in long contests. You can check it here: http://discuss.codechef.com/questions/9027/marking-solved-problems-not-working-in-may-2013-contest-14


I have not added anything…but i am getting it now…:slight_smile: