Why don't the ACM ICPC 2015 problems get moved to the practice section?

Problems from Amritapuri online contest

Problems from Chennai online contest

Problems from Kolkata online contest

At least making the solutions public will be helpful to the community.


you are right

it will help us to learn form our mistakes and look at others solution but codechef do not has permission to public those submission or to move practice section (ICPC rights):frowning:

It would be great if someone who has solved the problems(apart from first problem) could share his approach or give some insights/hint(From respective regions).It will be of great help.


They will be moved to practice section but it will take some time, probably after the regionals contests are finished i.e after December. Codechef will most probably be conducting a mirror round of the contest, they do every year.

When problems get moved to the practice section? It’s March already.