Why does my code show ':( internal error occurred in the system'?

I submitted my code and it is showing this error:
:frowning: internal error occurred in the system ’
But it is saying WA in my profile. What’s wrong?

alt text


It may be the possibility, that your code was submitted in the evaluation queue, but by the time it was supposed to show the status of your submission, some problem occurred and it couldn’t show. So, it was however, evaluated and the result(WA) is shown on your profile. This is just a probable idea, cuz many times this has happened with me.

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same problem with me too.


I’m having the same problem when I try to submit the solution for the practice E2 (lights off).

Same problem is occurring in Chef and War with Taran (Challenge) for July Long 2018 contest. I have submitted it 3-4 times

It happens when you don’t take the input right. It usually occurs in interactive problems. Check whether you’re doing the input-output thing as explained in the question

I m getting the same error on CHNGSS and to check if I am making any mistakes after getting it too many times I tried submitting someone else AC code but with that too it’s showing same error and WA verdict on my profile.