Why do I have no rank on codechef, even though I solved 15 problems??

My current rank on codechef is NA. I dont get it. It says that a country code was not found, even though I did mention my country and my state/city etc during the registration. It even shows the flag of my country India for christ’s sake!

I have solved only 15 practice problems until now. How do I obtain a rank on codechef??
Pls advice.

you need to solve problems in active contests to get a rank! No ranks for practicing!!

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solve problems of this contest n u will surely get a rank after contest is finished :wink:
Practice problems are just for practice they do not contribute in ranking…
[1]: http://www.codechef.com/FEB13


oh, got it! thx

ur welcome :slight_smile:

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So one will get rank after the whole completion of contest ok then is there really no way to see the score