Why CodeChef doesnt support coloring system?

Why doesn’t Codechef support coloring system like TopCoder and Codeforces according to ratings…??


In my opinion it’s because CodeChef seems to aim to foster growth (of skill) rather than heavy competition between users as seen in TopCoder (Not to say this doesn’t happen on TC but competition is it’s goal).
TBH, most of the people I talk to aren’t really that concerned with their rating and are more interested in either how well they did in an individual competition or how a problem may solved as provided by the well written and timely Editorials.


Besides, the way Codechef ratings are computed is quite different from TopCoder/CodeForces ratings. For instance, the rating bonus based on rank is something I am not aware of in either TopCoder or CodeForces. This means that, overall, Codechef ratings tend to grow over time as long as one doesn’t do too bad in Codechef contests. Thus, you cannot set a rating threshold (e.g. 2200 in TC/CF) for red coders/yellow coders/etc. because, over time, all the contestants will tend to exceed this threshold. Of course, a different system could work (e.g. 1% of all the coders are red, etc.) - but with such a system you could become “red” and then, after a number of contests in which you do not participate, you could lose your “red” color (because other coders’ ratings increased above your rating).


I like the idea about percents :wink:

I agree completely with what @ethreal wrote… My only aim is to improve my own skills, as little as it is, at my own pace and by understanding editorials as I go along :smiley:

Also, imho, ratings aren’t that important for the vast majority of contestants, mainly because most of them are on a level where they solve 5/6 problems, and with that mark, they can hardly fight for the “red color” even though they are excellent coders…

So, as far as I am concerned, this rating system is good :slight_smile:

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well, as far as growth of skill is concerned topcoder is an excellent resource and their tutorials and editorials have taught me the most…

i can only agree with @mugurelionut that the rating system here is not suitable for such changes and i have no complaint with that. Its all in the best interest.

couldn’t agree more… :slight_smile:

on second thoughts, percentages wouldn’t work either. Imagine a single person creating many different accounts in order to increase the number of top-colored coders. a fixed threshold is better, as that should gurantee a certain quality level about the coder, no matter how many coders are out there (ok, actually, the rating depends on rank, which does depend on the participation of other coders) - but this doesn’t work with the current way in which ratings are computed on codechef… still… it would be nice if someone could find a way to introduce a good (enough) color system on codechef.


Creating multiple accounts is not allowed on CodeChef. We like the idea of colouring but right now we can not take it up. We are also in the process of having a re-look at our rating system. We have got lot of feedback on certain issues in the current implementation. We may get rid of the bonus factor and recalculate the ratings of everyone. We will keep all of you posted.