why can't i edit my profile?

Why can’t i edit my profile? i had mistakenly written 2nd year instead of 3rd year in my about me. When i try to edit it shows that where i work and work experience are required fields. But I’m a student and I’ve already selected the student option,not the professional one. What’s wrong? :open_mouth:

Change the option of whether you are a professional or a student to student.
Then enter where do you study…
It will be alright…:slight_smile:

that’s exactly what i explained… I’ve already selected the student option.

Does this page show up for you?

alt text

If it does, you’ll find the option to change your stats.

Hope it helped.

Of course it does… that’s where i’ve been trying all the time.
Well changes got saved this time… I don’t know what was going wrong :open_mouth:

Thank you For your Advice:)

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