Why can't codechef have a dedicated IRC Channel ?

Linux has this amazing thing called IRC or Internet Relay Chat where people can communicate with each other and get their problems solved. CodeChef can also host a dedicated IRC Server where good programmers can help other programmers who can help noobs. Apart from programming queries , a lot of other queries can be cleared. It would be a great platform for quick solutions.I don’t mean using IRC for getting solutions for CodeChef’s programming contests.


yeah, there should be an IRC channel for codechef. @admin : please consider it.

I have created a channel and registered it -

IRC Channel on Freenode: #### codechef


Nice idea…@kunal

come and join #codechef on FreeNode

I believe we already have this Q/A site to solve our problems. Not much people remain active on IRC anyways.

Good concept!!!:slight_smile:


i cant find codechef irc

http://webchat.freenode.net/ channel name: #codechef