Why can only the participants of Snackdown 2016 refer people for Snackdown 2017?

In the terms and conditions page, it says:
“One needs to be registered as a participant on CodeChef SnackDown 2016 to refer friends and colleagues.”

I understand that it might be something like “If you haven’t gone through the experience yourself, how can you suggest others about it”. But since the first four rounds are going to be just like any other contest, anyone who has participated in a contest will know what to expect and can tell others about it. I’d like to request @admin to remove that rule so that someone like me who didn’t participate in Snackdown 2016 can have a shot at getting some goodies.
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CodeChef wants maximum users to participate in SnackDown 2017. I think it is totally understandable that they want a user to first register themselves and then allow them to refer.

Suppose they keep the rule as you mentioned, the user is unregistered and it sends referrals to say ten people and none of them registered. They get zero registrations in this case and suppose the user is registered, they get at least one registration from the user himself and ten(hypothetical) potential registrations.

It hardly takes a minute to register, what’s the harm in registering yourself? :slight_smile:

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It’s completely understandable if it was about registering in this year’s Snackdown. But according to the terms and conditions, only participants of the previous year can refer. And referrals are counted only if someone does register. If they don’t register, they don’t get counted as a referral.

I think it might be a typo, have you tried to register and refer?
@abdullah768 please update the thread if you were able to register and refer despite the fact that you weren’t a participant in Snackdown2016

I can see the referral link but I’m not sure if I’d be eligible for getting the goodies.

I think you are eligible, it’s just a typo I guess. You can mail the CodeChef team and verify with them about the same.

They wouldn’t keep such a T&C that would hamper the users from referring to other users. Their main aim is to maximize the number of participants :slight_smile:

I thought so too, I want to know what exactly was going on.