Why august cookoff had no cakewalk question?

The setting guidelines says that there should be 1 cakewalk (direct approach) question in cook off.
But this time all questions were bit harder than previous cook-offs. why is it so?


the tree game was pretty simple…all you had to do was do a bfs and the ques was done…even shuffling one was easy if you were a little insightful…it was a good set…i dont think doing cakeoff question solves anything…you should be pushed as much as possible :smiley:


I think it was to decrease the load on server! The last cook off was a mess! Submission runnning for straight 20 mins! So they put in tough questions !
No offence to anyone intended!


Well, I really don’t know the answer, but everyone would do Cakewalk problem, just all of us would waste 5 minutes of time, so what’s the point of having one, when they can put some hard task in the contest that can determine who’s the best.


I think this cook off pushed everyone to a greater extent and it is great practice just one-two months before ACM starts. So, we got a real taste of what’s in store.:stuck_out_tongue: