Why aren't practice links activated immediately after the contest is over?

I badly want to test my solution to a problem in ALOHOMORA. I cannot imagine any reason why practice links cannot be activated immediately after the contest is over.


They are already activated and you can visit the contest page

I think they have to move the contest data from contest domain to practice domain. It seems to me that this takes time.

There may be a couple of reasons. As @ankit_btech mentioned, they have to move it from contest domain to practice domain. I think they fix some test cases if they are reported to be weak during the contest. They also make some changes to it such as adding problem tags, making the solutions public, adding a link to the editorial, etc. Another thing they have to consider is the problem difficulty, so as to add it to the appropriate section of practice.

These are some of the things I can think of. There may be many similar factors which we are unaware of. From my experience, the problems are usually always added to the practice within a couple of hours after the contest.

yeah true…it really sucks that we have to wait so long to submit the problem.I really don’t care what things are required to actually move to practice section… if finding the tag is a problem, then they can do that things before contest is start…the point is people just want the problems moved quickly…and we don’t actually care about tags as much as we do about solving the problem!!

Hopefully they could immediately move problems to practice section someday…or rather atleast allow us to submit!!

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