Why are the editorials posted on CodeChef Discuss, when they are neither a question nor an answer?

I understand that this is a Q&A site and users come here to ask their questions. But the problem editorials are not questions but are rather large informative posts on problems. Does not this defy the rule of a Q&A website?


Yes, posting a problem editorial on CodeChef Discuss does go against the Q&A paradigm of this forum. However, we feel that there is no better place where a discussion of editorials can take place than the CodeChef Discuss. The karma system gives users a higher motivation to promote their thoughts and doubts and also to answer the doubts of other users. Editorials are marked as a community wiki so that they can be edited by anyone who feels there is something wrong in the content or someone who wants to enhance the editorial. Considering all these points, we decided to post our editorials on CodeChef Discuss.

The idea of having editorials on Discuss originated from the fact that we also wanted the CodeChef users to start using Discuss more often to discuss their doubts. It started as an experiment and posting editorials on the new Discuss did drive the community here. And we feel that the idea did work out in some way.


how can i write editorial for a problem after contest??

Hey rcsldav2017, you can refer to our problem setting guidelines here: http://www.codechef.com/problemsetting/editorials to understand the entire process.