Why are others' solutions visible on May LOC challenge?!

I just submitted the solution for the second problem and I am the first one. Another guy(https://www.codechef.com/users/iamabjain) just submitted my code with a change in definition and got AC! AND MOREOVER THE SOLUTION IS TOTALLY VISIBLE! IT’S A LIVE CONTEST!


I think it was a temporary glitch because i cannot access any solution.

Also, its really appreciated if you report these issues via email rather than at discuss. It messes things up as people who are unaware of the vulnerabilities also jump forward to exploit them. Hope you get the perspective :).


Hi, we have changed the settings. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


What about the copied submission? I don’t think plagiarism check would work because he changed the macro definition totally, you can check that the solutions are totally same.

#define int long long int
#define *a big binary number* long long int

Yes, thank you. I am sorry, didn’t think of it. I will take care next time onwards :slight_smile:

You could not think that plagiarism system make just a naive text comparison :slight_smile: … generally in some system i have viewed a structure-tree is created with both codes; trees are them compared…

This makes the algorithm not-sensitive to variable names and definitions, spaces, blank lines, even the order of block of codes…

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I think real issue would be he BOTH he and cheater get penalized (which usually happens in case plagiarism detector catches the codes). Thats something i think admins will have to look into.


@vijju123 That is why I reported it mainly :frowning: