Why are my rating not updating?

I got my ratings increased to 1723 yesterday after COOK96. They are showing the rating on codechef graph but my ratings and stars are not increased in profile.

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Try clearing cache and refreshing page.

@vijju123 it is still the same. Tried on mobile as well. It shows my highest rating as 1723 on the profile but not as my current rating.

Ok, I think I got the issue. Sorry, misunderstood it earlier. Let me tag @admin here.

Same with me.

We are looking into this. Thanks for reporting.

same with everyone except div 1 they got their correct rating

I am also having the same issue

Same issue

Having the same issue after LTIME64B. Tagging @admin if it helps.

lol. CC does not want an orange mod.


It already has @meooow

In that case, CC does not want to decrease no of yellow mod. Because they are more hardworking. xD

Same issue after September Lunch Time.