Why am I getting NZEC error

for this problem I have submitted this code.Why the NZEC error is coming??

s = raw_input()
print s[1:len(s)-1] + str(" 0 ") + str("0")
s = "</" + s[1:len(s)]
t = raw_input()
while s != t :
    for each in t :
        if each == '#' :
            st = st+1
        else :
    if t[st+1] == '/' :
        t = raw_input()
    else :
        t = t.split()
        d = t[0]
        if len(t) == 1 :
            d = d[:len(d)-1]
        print d[st+1:len(d)],st,len(t)-1
        t = raw_input()

no one here to answer ??

I don’t know the reason but when i use raw_input or input() in python3 i also get that error. So now I am using stdin. Try using stdin.

its not working for me.

In c It comes due to absence of return statement

regarding python?

try to remove break statement from your code. In my code I removed break statement. It worked fine for me. I hope this is the reason with your code also