Why am I able to create multiple Codechef accounts with single email Id?

Out of nowhere I thought to see account vulnerability of Codechef and certainly I was able to create multiple accounts with single email Id. Isn’t it a bug? Because this is the first time I’m seeing such loose security towards user accounts. Please correct me If I’m wrong. And if I’m correct then It should be fixed very soon to avoid any vulnerable activity.

P.S- I’ve no intention to contravene the Codechef policy.

Edit: Suppose If I’ve created my Codechef account by manually putting my gmail Id and all the details. And when I try to login with my google account then at that time Codechef does not recognise my automatically and asks me to create new account. There is definitely something wrong here. I’m dead sure.

Edit: Reply from help@codechef.com

Our system allows multiple accounts to have single email Id. The issues is know to us and we trust our users. If we come across any such instance we ban them.

Regarding gmail account, the policy which we follow ( having multiple accounts with same email) doesn’t allow us to integrate any account present with us with the google account on google oauth login, because we can’t take a decision which account to link.

I hope you get the point. We have had many discussions in our team and have not come to a conclusion yet. We’re still thinking of some solution to this as it is not a trivial decision for us.

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I don’t think its that severe of a bug, given that admins actively ban all ids of the concerned person if he creates more than 1 id without knowledge of admins.

I mean, you will get caught somewhere in the way and will be banned. I think they are relying on manual handling for this case, but again its my speculations. @admin 's answer is awaited.

May be that can be the case!

Just one sql statement will enough to delete multiple account for codechef with same ID, not a big deal though.