why am getting runtime error in lapindrome problem.

package org.test;

@phanikumar >> you shouldn’t have posted it here during an ongoing contest.Please remove it as soon as you could.

@phanikumar : It seems you are a total newcomer here . So I will not be rude . See for submissions in Java you don’t have to declare any package name . If you declare that will get run time error . See more guidelines on submissions in FAQ’s .

I have edited your post and removed code since it is not allowed to post code . If you need help in some PRACTICE question ( NOT A CURRENT CONTEST QUESTION ) then you can give a link to your submission and someone will help .

Hi phanikumar, kindly do not discuss any aspect of the problems of an ongoing contest here or on any other relevant platform online. If you have some query you can post it on the respective problem page and it will be addressed by the problem setter. Alternatively you can always write to us at feedback@codechef.com, we will try and help you get over it.