which programming language is best ?

which programming language is best ?

i think c programming is best programming language


Thanks for your suggestion

I would suggest C++ for Competitive Programming

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If you’re a beginner. Go for C so that you don’t use in builts and get to know how the back processing works; e.g.- Sorting. But going for advanced techniques you could try Java/Python. Inbuilt libraries help you a lot to program and keep your coding speed efficient. All the Best!


If you are a beginner, start with C and C++. This will help you learn coding without using in built functions. This is very important to improve yourself. In the future when you learn new programming languages, it will be easy to learn because many of those concepts would have been in C++.

It truly relies on upon what you need to do my essay. On the off chance that you are a web software engineer it may bode well to learn PHP or C#.

You see, I had come across this question on quora some time ago, and I found an answer that I really liked.
It had one line in bold, and it was repeated many time in the answer while he mentioned which was best. It was:


Now, what this means, is that there is no best programming language. Choose one and stick with it, and that way you will learn more.

It depends on various factors :
-What did you learn first
-Which features did you like best
-What purpose do you have
-Do you have a choice
and many more.

I’d give you my own example so that you can see how it works,

-I learnt C first, and then C++. As C++ has everything C has and more, I’ve never touched C since.

-I saw someone code in python, and loved the simplicity of it. Decided to learn Python, and am doing begginer practice problems in Python. But, I noticed a few things

-Python code is much simpler than C++ code to write

-Python takes up almost DOUBLE the space as C++ to run(7.6 mb as compared to 3.2mb according to codechef)

-Python takes longer to run, almost insanely(Python : 1.7secs, C++ : 0.3s)
So, I am learning both, but if I am going to write some huge piece of code, it will be in c++ for faster execution, and I will use python for smaller codes.

Now, I will also have to learn Java, because most commercial software use Java(eg. android), and my BE project is completely in Java.

So, feel free to explore, and solve some problems in all languages you want, and learn those which you like. Have fun Coding :slight_smile:

nice question. i think PHP is the best language. it’s a relatively easy programming language to learn.i wrote PHP code for kerala tour packages

in my opinion, java is the best language. its the one and only language which have a durability. also the job opportunities are relatively high. i used this language for my mba colleges in kerala website.

C++ is the best programming language for programming contest.

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Much like everything in the world ,there is no constant best.
Someone or something can be the best in a certain period and in a certain thing
For beginners how want to learn the basic of programming C is the best
For those how want make android apps java is the best
For those beginners who want to just want to have jun or make something something fast python is best

i think c is the best language as it is the basic of c++,java and etc

The below results show technologies used, although it’s intermingled with programming languages:

  • JavaScript.
  • Python.
  • Java.
  • C/C++
  • PHP.
  • Objective-C.
  • C#

I Personally think that HTML is quite friendly useable. personal opinion. #smirks

Well, If I were you I would start with html/css. It is a great start for beginners!
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