Which language for zco or inoi??

i am taking part in inoi 2018 but i am little confused in choosing language.I know c++,python and java since python is only restricted to only zco so i am gonna drop it,and know i am confused between c++ and java…can anyone suggest me the good and bad points of both these languages from exam point of view.I also heard that compiling software of java i.e. IntelliJ and Eclipse will cause problem on test day…suggestions are always welcome!

I would vote for C++ any day. I feel JAVA has, atleast some, redundancy (as in, you have to write more to code the same thing).

If you know data structures and C++ STL, I would say give C++ a preference. :slight_smile:

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I love C++ and no matter how much I try to code in other languages , I always return back to C++.

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IMO C++ is a better option for olympiads you don’t need time limit dilation for it and thus no hassle. Also, C++ codes are shorter and fun to write. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really like Java, but yes you do have to type a lot more than you would need for C++ :confused: