which is most easiest language to start learning as beginner ?

i am beginner please help me to start my programming journey but as a beginner , i am confuse which language should i choose as my first language to learn ??

Hello friends,

Hi i am too a beginner but as i am participating in Informatics Olympiads such as INOI, i had chosen C++ and would suggest you C++ only but i have another good suggestions too such as C and Python and for Python i know a interactive tutorial that you can look at ie at Codecademy its completely free and for practise you can practise at codechef and others too such as SPOJ however Project Euler is good to if you are in Maths and i would suggest you to use codeblocks IDE for C/C++, I hope you find my suggestions good.

Happy coding!

thanks @binay_misra for fast reply.