Which is fastest?

Can any one tell me which language is fastest of all?

use C !

Assembly is probably the fastest!


well depends. I have learnt c in my first year and am comfortable using it. It is pretty fast and all that but as far as competitive coding goes nothing beats c++. looking forward to learn and master that since it saves a lot of time not only during compilation but also while coding.

Assembly is the fastest, caveat when tuned by someone a lot lot better than me. Only not here, why? Because you cannot call C standard functions, thus all I/O is via int(errupt) 0x80 aka system interrupt, which by it’s very definition is sloooowwwww. It would be nice to be able to pass -lc to ld - hint ;).

C is probably the fastest language that is also very popular. However, if you’re thinking of competing/learning here on Codechef (and most other competitive programming sites), you do not necessarily need to learn the fastest language. As you can see here, time limits for the slower languages are adjusted so as to judge the submission by the algorithmic complexity of the approach rather than the speed of the programming language used :slight_smile:

assembly language is fastest because it requires assembler to convert source-code into machine-code whereas high-level languages like c,c++,java requires compiler and assembler to convert source-code into machine-code, but it is difficult to write a code in assembly language.

it will depend on your coding style too if your code is compact and save some cycles . than it will be surely furious then your other natives.

c++ is fast and the best programming language in competitive programming