Which all kind of Questions to ask in this Discuss Forum

I had just began my journey with this forum and I have few queries, which I want them to be answered.
Before posting this question I read all the FAQ thoroughly but couldn’t find my question on that section which prompted me to ask my question from you geeks.

  1. What are the questions that I can ask from this forum? (Obviously those questions will be related to some problem solving strategy and will be posted here if I can’t find solution elsewhere.) Should the questions be related only to the one that are on this website(practice and compete sections) or can I ask any relevant technical/programming questions/strategies which are not in this website?
  2. Can I post my code here for review as we do it in [codereview.stackexchange.com][1]
    [1]: http://codereview.stackexchange.com/
  3. How to set reminder for a particular competition? I see a section on right hand of the page titled with Set Reminder for the Contest, but when I try to click on that link, nothing happens or no action is performed.
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Welcome to Codechef

point-3). Actually reminder button is not working now, but Codechef made to remind you about contest in advance via mail. I have used some time before. that time it was working. Now I think they have closed this because their server is not capable to handle as you know they got glitched in aug cook-off. Hope to activate again soon.

point-2). It will we better if you provide working link only for your solution because It looks nice and pretty small also…If any user is interested to see you code , will click on it will. If you post your code than your post will become very lengthy…or may your intension for asking may be , overhead to understand after seeing so large post. Please you some online editor like idone, pastebin,codepad etc. to provide link.

point -1). Sometimes before,I have read about what kind of question I can asked on this post. then I got…clearly mentioned that you can ask only question related only algorithm and data structure and little bit about time and space constraints provided by online judge .
Before asking any question please keep in mind all aspect of post and please clearly mention what do you want to know…avoid duplicate question …

that’s all If you want to ask anything more, please ask…you are most welcome…
but please keep in mind post something sensible***(you already done…very sensible way to ask keep on this)***

Happy Coding

@rcsldav2017 thanks for your reply, it was very useful. I will wait for codechef admin to activate the reminder button soon, as I don’t get email notification too often and because of this I have missed my July and August challenge!

Just keep these things in mind-

  • DO NOT ask anything which has already been discussed in the forum. First search a particular question before starting a dicussion.
  • DO NOT post anything related to the contest during a contest.

Apart from these,you pretty much can ask anything.


here is everything is fixed for month…

long challenge…start from first friday(3:PM to 3:00PM 10 days duration)

cook off…second last sunday(9:30PM-12:00 AM)

lunch time…last sunday(11:00 AM-2:00PM)

if you like my answer …than vote for it also…this thing will motivate me…means i m providing some thing useful to you…and getting goodies for me too

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everything is fixed and you can see calender too…

you can do one thing also

just go to codechef home page

than go help option

then go to event calendar…

you can get all official contest info…

hope it help you…please respond me…

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THE problems related to problem solving and u can ask problems related to various algorithms …you can also search that what types of questions people ask …

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thanks to @prrateekk…to adding most important part…

@rcsldav2017 I sincerely appreciate your efforts and have voted for your comments. But my question was how to set the reminder for the contest? I was very well aware of event calendar in help menu, but I want a reminder like a notification or email to my account as due to my hectic schedule I tend to forget the things and miss my challenges. Even I don’t receive any emails before the contest begins. I finally have found one solution, I have downloaded an app called ‘Coding Calendar’, it gives me notification for all the contest across many competing coding websites. Thank you @rcsldav2017.

for setting a reminder just click on that button(If it is in working condition…)…that’s all