Hi everyone,
I am new to CodeChef.I want to know from where i should start compete in codechef?

Thanks Before
warm regards

Hi and welcome,

the question is if you have some experience with competition programming (a.k.a. speed programming or contest programming). I assume you have not, otherwise I guess you won’t ask this question :wink:

If you want to participate in actual contest, you have to:

  1. register (you are already)
  2. choose some problem you think, you know to solve
  3. create a program solving the problem
  4. submit it to the judge, judge than tests your program on several test files (not only those from problem statement) and returns the result to you.

To solve the problem it is required to read input from standard input and print the solution to standard output.

During to contest we cannot help you to solve some problems, to get familiar with CodeChef environment I recommend you to start with TEST problem. If there are some problems with that, you can ask here (forum) for help :wink:

Just a bunch of usefull links:

Happy coding :wink:


well if you are new, then you may like to go through some practice questions. In that way you may get familiar first with the environment. There are a lot of questions under PRACTICE section .
If you are comfortable with that, you can directly jump to CHALLENGE section where you can see the current on-going challenges. Bottom line, take initiatives , self explore, start from simple problems, try out a simple solution, retry it, ponder over your code, make it more effective nd efficient… simple :slight_smile:
welcome to CodeChef