where to get hint or some help for tough prob of ended contest.

if i stuck in a problem then where did i get some help or hint(like correct algo to approach). In
one question a contestant refer to some ‘editorial stuff’ of a problem,so is there any discussion to problems.

Yes it is, when contest is ended, you can go to contest page for example May 2012 long contest and there is “Editorials on each problem can be viewed here.”, where “here” is the link to the editorial. Editorials are not always in deep detail, if you do not understand what you have to do you can view successful solutions or you can ask - write the comment on editorial page or you can write your question here in this forum :wink:

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Thanks a lot…
Tell me other ways i can thank(points and other stuff).

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one more thing…in may12 long in CHEFHOME, we need the median but why we have done: int dx = x[n/2] - x[n/2-1] + 1;
I mean why we subtracted 2 values and added 1.
(I agree it might not be the best place for this question)

You don’t need to thank :wink: If you like the answer you can accept it, it’s enough :wink: I always try to help if I can :wink:

I answered on editorial page :wink: