Where to find the Contest problems??

I could find some people whose profile shows they have solved it but i cant find the link(The link says Practice(Main) which does not load).

Like this one:

We can actually find most problems by just changing the PROBLEM CODE.

But why is it not found in practice problem page???

Can you please explain your question? I think you can find those problems in the practice page. The link which is given as ‘practice(main)’ is not working. Just remove the ‘main’ and it will work properly. For example, if the given link is https://www.codechef.com/problems/main/RGAME then just use https://www.codechef.com/problems/RGAME

I meant it’s not in practice section(school,easy,…) and I dint know that such links where existed for practice…

Are you sure? I mean, the list in the practice section is really huge! The link exists as I have already given and the link is showing that the prablem is in the practice section. May be it is not visible directly in the list. But you can obviously access the problem page, either using the problem code or through the editorial page.

Yes. i saw one post as well but not sure where it lost it.

I did search, its not in the list.But now i got to know how to access them via the problem code.Thanks!

Welcome! :slight_smile: