Where is the submission link for this problem?

problem code : https://www.codechef.com/problems/CSTRIKE1

The submit button says page not found. But there is one submission in the problem. Where is the link? I even tried https://www.codechef.com/submit/CSTRIKE1 but in vain

Yup you’re right.

The link is broken.

contest hosted other than codechef, does not provide link to submit solution after contest and they do not provide editorial too

I think all question link should not broke why codechef’s people do??, I don’t understand.

should raise this issue why they broke submission link for these question??

please post your review we will soon send email to codechef about this

The links are provided bro. It is in the practice section. Here is a link. All problems of this contest are available there with the submission link. But it doesn’t work for the problem I asked above. Rest are working fine.

And BTW, most external contests provide editorials too. I have written and posted editorials for my college contest here myself. So have many users done here.

Yes the Link is broken, I coded it for 10 mins but in vain. :stuck_out_tongue:



I have seen some question which does not contain submission link on notest problem I have not search into practice in section.

now codechef help to nevigate to that question in practice link directly .

Hi dragonemperor,

All the competition after end who was conducted by codechef , directly goes to the practice section
but those who was not conducted by codechef take some time because the codechef community check
problem again and verified them . You said there is one submission of the solution already existed.
This is definitely codechef mistake firstly put the question in practice section and after that remove it.Probably after some time codechef might put the question in practice section.

It is in practice section. Just the submit link is broken

So this is Codechef’s mistake…