Where do you code in python?

Where do you code in python?
I want to know whether to code directly on the console or to use text editors like edit++
or we have something similar to IDEs like eclipse,netbeans for pythons…
Thank you…

I think PyDev with Eclipse is good option for python

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You can use also Geany or you can use the Python IDLE which I believe comes with every Python download :slight_smile:

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I code in vi editor or gedit. Both seem good to me.

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Visual Studio 2010/2012 with Python Tools for Visual Studio ( http://pytools.codeplex.com/ )

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same here, i personnaly use vim (Vi IMproved).

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@cyberax >> Cheers! :slight_smile:

i use the standard Python IDE… IDLE, I have Vi editor from long time, but never tried it… will try to work in it… well thanx for the suggestion…

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Pycharm is a good IDE from programming in python


woooh… nice suggestion… found it awesome…

You could also use online IDEs like ideone…it not only supports python but many more languages…it is also very easy to share your codes as you can directly provide the link!!!

I use Pycharm.