Where did I go wrong in GOHAN problem?

Problem: GOHAN

My Solution: Solution

My approach: is that I solved it

R = R

Rc = 1/SxC

Rl = SxL

Vin = (R+Rl+Rc)xCurrent

Vout = Rc X Current


itf = Vin/Vout = (R+Rl+Rc)/Rc

on simplifying

itf = s^2(LxC) + s(RxC) + 1

there itf is a parabolic equation, and we know it to be unique at

d(itf)/d(s) = s(2xLxC) + RxC = 0

s = -R/(2xL)

Thus we can find value of itf

Your approach is correct. Use setprecision(2) while printing itf and you may get AC.