Where can i find tutorial on String Matching using Suffix arrays?

Where can i find Tutorial on String matching using Suffix Arrays ?
Everywhere on codechef ,codeforces , GeeksforGeeks there are tutorial on how to construct a Suffix Array , but no where i found how to match String using Suffix array ?

I tried 2 watch it —


But they aren’t clear at all…
plz give sum links for string matching using Suffix arrays … Thanx

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visit this

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Listen i m asking u to give tutorial on String matching using Suffix Arrays and not using Kruth Morris …
Come on man!!!

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I think you can make use of Longest Common Substring using suffix array. If the length of longest common substring is equal to the size of the smaller string, you found a match. You can try reading this for Longest Common Substring.


Hey vaibhavchhabra,

I got some link and it should really help you.

Suffix Array | Set 1 (Introduction) link text

Suffix Array | Set 2 link text


You can watch IIT Bombay lectures by NPTEL on Youtube.

They’re pretty good