Where are editorials of the external contests organized by peers posted ?

Is there any place on codechef wiki or blogs where the editorials of the contests conducted by other institutions other than Codechef are posted ? ( Apart from Long Challenge ,COOK OFF and Lunch Time)
I was looking for editorials for some past contests and couldn’t find any ?

Every time I participate in some external contests , after the contest I am unable to submit my solution for that problem if it is not present in Peer Section . Why is that ?

Please comment on whether editorials should be posted for every contest whether it is external or internal.


The editorials , if present , will be in the discussion forum or you might find a link given in the announcements on the contest page.

Even i am irritated by the fact that some contest problems aren’t added to the practice section.I think it is currently up to the contest organizers to decide whether to add problems to peer section or not.Dont know why some people choose not to upload problems. Hope it is made mandatory to add all problems from external contests conducted here.

Now coming to making editorials mandatory, I agree with you that it is important to write editorials for contests that are conducted but you must understand that writing editorials is a very challenging and tedious task. Infact Codechef pays the editorials of contests around $250 for writing editorials.
Since most of these contests are conducted by college students, it is very difficult for them to spend significant amount of time writing editorials.I had myself written a few editorials for our college contest and it proved to be very difficult and time consuming. Making editorials mandatory might dissuade a lot of people from conducting contests.

However i feel the organizers should(not must) provide a small guidelines ,even if it is just a few lines , after the contest detailing which algorithm/data structure was expected , a link to sample solutions and some pointers to solve the problem.


@kcahdog I agree with your points , but I think they should give atleast a brief explanation of the solution.