where am i get the gcc compliers???

hello … iam using turbo c++ compliers… iam new to gcc compliers…can anyone make the link of the downloading page of the gcc compliers…

If u want to use gcc on windows u should go for codeblocks. it can be downloaded from here

If u want a perfect complete gcc environment then start using linux (ubuntu or fedora flavours) and I strongly believe u wont regret.

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you have different ways:

1:you can install the devcpp firstly from here. then download binary release of codeblocks from here.select GCC compiler while installing.

2:you can install codeblocks Mingw from here and install it.

3:If you are using UBUNTU(linux) then open the terminal and type sudo apt-get install vim.
then it prompt for password after password input it will directly download the VIM editor for you.now you can write your program by command vim [filename.c]
then press I to write in the editor and after writing press ESC then write :wq and this will save your program after that compile your file by gcc [filename.c] -o [obj_name]
then execute it by ./[obj_name]

I recommend 2nd option for you in Windows